Matt Hoffman’s Pro BMX

Matt Hoffman's Pro BMX

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To some, the acronym BMX may call to mind the redoubtable BMX Bandits, Nicole Kidman's screen debut. To Mat Hoffman, however, BMX is a way of life and Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX is a game based upon his heroically dangerous brand of freestyle bicycle-wielding entertainment. This title offers a wealth of unnecessarily painful-looking ways to come off your bike, a nu-metal/hardcore soundtrack and even a graffiti mode. Whether you're wistfully searching for a way to relive those magical childhood memories, or you're just a surly little gamer with an attitude problem, you're sure to enjoy this.

Powered by the celebrated Tony Hawk's Pro Skater game engine, this simulation of sense-defying stunts is both graphically and playability-wise very similar to Mr Hawk's game-that's exceptionally good in case you didn't know. Ramps, rails, rooftops; if you can think of an impractical surface to ride a bike on, Pro BMX will provide it--and the action is compulsive enough to keep you playing despite the fact you were meant to leave the house three days ago.

While there are enough courses here to keep even the most demanding bike freak content, dedicated Hoffman wannabes can create their own track with the game's funky level editor, should you grow bored with what's on offer. This is pretty much the complete package--the only real criticism is the aforementioned similarity to Pro Skater. Both great games but both a tad too similar, perhaps. --Steve Colton


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